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Quantibac QZ15 / QZ30 / QZ80    
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Quantibac® is a computer-based equipment, used to detect and quantify microorganisms of various origins (clinical, industrial, research). Is technology developed in the Department of Bioengineering of the UNT-CONICET, and it is based on two doctoral theses, scientific publications in top level international broadcasting, patents, and papers presented at national and international conferences. Our company owns the exclusive license of the Quantibac® technology and presently commercializes it.

Quantibac® possesses two Argentine patents and one patent pending in the U.S.A.

Basically, Quantibac® measures the electrical resistance between two electrodes submerged in a inoculated culture medium, and also the turbidity of this same sample while microorganisms grow.

Quantibac® possesses incubators with separately controlled thermostats, where the culture cells are placed, and in which, resistance and turbidity of the medium, change in terms of conductivity, capacity or resistance of interface, and are subsequently measured.

Quantibac® has separate incubator units with controllable temperatures, allowing for the simultaneous quantification of microorganisms within different temperatures.

Measurements can be made in translucent or opaque culture mediums, with solids, semi-solids or liquids samples. It also functions with microorganisms that produce changes in turbidity of the culture medium, or conductivity changes, capacity or resistance of interface.

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Quantibac QZ15

Quantibac QZ30

Quantibac QZ80

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